•  Do any of these apply to you?
  •  Just can't seem to get ahead?
  •  Feel overwhelmed?
  •  Not enough time/money/credit?
  •  Tired of living pay check to pay check

Ken Beaton, Real Estate Investing Guru

Will get to the heart of what makes real estate superior to other types of investments. He will also share answers to the most commonly asked questions he fields at the Quantum Leap Weekends, including:

- How to Invest in Real Estate Without Your Money
- How to Negotiate Deals That Are a Win - Win
- How to Talk with Other Investors
- How to Raise Capital
- How to Attract Money & Joint Venture Partners
- How to Retire Wealthy & Leave a Lasting Legacy

Mark Frentz, Results Driven Coach

Is an Executive Coach who is passionate about change and seeing people unlock their potential. Having worked in various fields including sales, psychology, real estate investing and entrepreneurship, Mark is committed to helping new and seasoned investors succeed in business and life. He will guide attendees on how to: 

- Achieve Success by Overcoming Objective & Subjective Hurdles
- Adopt an Attitude to Conquer & Surpass Your Goals
- Lead Yourself & Influence Others to Motivate & Achieve
- Build Trust, Renew It, and Reinforce Mutual Partnerships & Commitments
- Nail Your Elevator Pitch
Ken has provided me with very valuable real estate education that enabled me to take action. I currently have 56 doors because of the confidence I came away from Ken’s seminars with. So grateful for Ken & his passion to help others. - Maurenna Joy

Spending more time with loved ones
Reach financial independence
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May 10, 11 and 12
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