Creative Real Estate Investing Program
ARCA Wealth Academy’s “Creative Real Estate” program helps people
create long term wealth even if they are currently living paycheck to paycheck and have poor credit.

The Creative Real Estate program will teach you how to leverage “OPM” (Other People's Money), recycle your first down payment so you can buy as many investment properties as you want, have the Seller finance your deals and much more.

Experience the lessons I learned when I purchased a 21 unit Apartment Building for only $225,000 and pulled out over $320,000 in equity using not one penny of my own money.

Module 1 - What Is Creative Real Estate?
  •  Pros & Cons
  •  Language & Terminology 
  • Financing
  •  Economy of Scale
Module 2 - Build A Creative TEAM
  •  Purpose Built vs Non Purpose Built
  • Size (Small/Medium/Large)
  •  Style and Features
Module 3 - All About Options
  • Close/Far Away?
  • Which Neighbourhood
  •  Economics (micro/macro)
  •  TEAM
Module 4 - Investment Strategies
  •  4 Steps
  • • What can you afford?
  • • What is available
  • • Analyze
  • • Make the offer
Module 5 - Financing Options
  •  Based upon numbers provided
  •  Based upon Best guess
  •  Based upon actual
  •  Based upon projected
Module 6 - Joint Venture Deals
  •  Conventional 
  •  My Way
Module 7 - Deal Structure
  • Transition year 
  • Property Management
My previous experience as a real estate agent and having taken some basic real estate investment courses provided me with a great base to get started from, but having Ken spend three full days with me one on one was well worth my time and money. It was the help I needed to bring everything together. The greatest value I received was learning the “Lease-to-Own” option as an investment tool, more specifically, learning how Ken approaches putting a potential lease-to –own deal together was invaluable. The mentoring also opened my eyes to opportunities I can create with some of the creative financing ideas Ken shared. I thank Ken for sharing his personal experiences and providing me with the opportunity to learn from his real estate investing experience.
Sylvie Deneault
Creative Real Estate Investing Program
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